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600mm x 600mm Surface Mount LED Panel Light (6000K)

100% of 100

- 40W providing 4000lm
- 5-year warranty on the panel and driver
- Epistar 4014, 100 lumen per watt LED Chips
- 6000K (also available in 4000K and 5000K)
- White Aluminium Frame
- Includes Lifud flicker-free driver

£43.80 £36.50

Our NEW 600mm x 600mm Surface Mount 6000K LED panel lights can be fitted directly to ceilings or even walls, but without buying a surface mounting kit that is needed to fit "standard" LED panels to such surfaces.

The panels are simply fixed to the surface with four screws - one in each corner of the panel. Once fitted the screws are covered with the supplied colour matched screw covers, for an invisible look.

The panels are only 38mm deep which is useful for low ceiling heights, and feature curved corners for an elegant appearance.

This low cost fitting comes with a surprisingly impressive 100lm/W efficacy to give 4000lm of light, which is at least as much light as its fluorescent counterpart.

The DC connection to the panel is plug-and-play for ease of installation, and the AC is simply wired into the existing lighting circuit via a live and neutral.

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