EcoBrite® RF to 0/1-10V Receiver / Controller


£33.00 £27.50

This EcoBrite® RF to 0/1-10V controller / receiver is used to enable remote (RF) dimming of all 0/1-10V LED drivers and is perfect for dimming any of our 0-10V dimmable panels!

The 4 x 0/1-10V outputs can be connected to up to 5 x 0/1-10V drivers each. (In theory, each output (channel) can be controled separately, however due to limits of the only four channel remote control available we decided not to include it in our catalogue)  

The integrated relay has a current handling capacity of 3A. If higher power switching is required then a separate relay / contactor muct be used.

Compatible with a variety of EcoBrite® handheld and wall mounted remote controls, and also the WiFi to RF Converter (all sold separately):

EB-T21-B (Battery powered)

EB-T21-W (Battery powered)

EB-T11-1-B (230V power)

EB-T11-1-W (230V power)

R11 (Battery powered)

RU4 (Battery powered)