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EcoBrite® RF to 0/1-10V Receiver / Controller

£33.00 £27.50

This EcoBrite® RF to 0/1-10V controller / receiver is used to enable remote (RF) dimming of all 0/1-10V LED drivers and is perfect for dimming any of our 0-10V dimmable panels!

The 4 x 0/1-10V outputs can be connected to up to 5 x 0/1-10V drivers each. Each output (channel) can be controled separately, using the EB-RS6 remote

The integrated relay has a current handling capacity of 3A. If higher power switching is required then a separate relay / contactor must be used.

Compatible with a variety of EcoBrite® handheld and wall mounted remote controls, and also the WiFi to RF Converter (all sold separately):

EB-T21-B (Battery powered)

EB-T21-W (Battery powered)

EB-T11-1-B (230V power)

EB-T11-1-W (230V power)

R11 (Battery powered)

RU4 (Battery powered)

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Product Type1-10V Dimming Receiver / Controller