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Individual Sky Scene LED Panels 600mm x 600mmm (1 panel from 9 set)

80% of 100

- 1 x 40W LED Panel (595mm x 595mm)
- 5-year warranty on the panels and drivers
- Epistar 4014, 100 lumen per watt LED Chips
- 120 degree beam angle
- Dimmable & 3 Hour Emergency Options
- White Aluminium Bezel
- Includes a branded LiFud/AGT/BOKE driver

£55.20 £46.00

LED Panel Store’s 600mm x 600mm Sky Scene LED light panels (actual size 595mm x 595mm) provide a beautiful, relaxing, stunning and realistic Artificial Sky effect, and are perfect for office, corporate, recreational and medical spaces, where they will create a wow-factor!

There are 18 different images to choose from.

By coupling 6000K LED panels with a realistic high-resolution picture, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside!

The colour temperature of our light matches daylight. This makes it feel like you are actually looking outside through a real window, and visitors and employees also experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside.

They will:

Result in more energy for you, your colleagues and your visitors

Reduce anxiety, due to the sense of outdoors

Provide a wow-factor within your reception area, office, or even children's nursery!

Our panels are made for 600x600 suspended ceiling installation and provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution for the light.

If you don't have a suspended ceiling you can still enjoy the effect of our panels by using one of the following mounting options:

Cable Suspension kits – for ceiling mounting with a contemporary look
Z brackets – ideal for wall mounting
Surface mounting boxes - useful for mounting on concrete or plasterboard ceilings/walls*

Each LED panel comes complete with a double insulated plug and play driver (transformer) which simply wires into the existing lighting circuit via a live and neutral.

Emergency Packs are available, which are British designed and manufactured specifically for our panels. These provide over 3 hours of maintained light output without the additional expense and inconvenience of separate emergency lighting.

Optional dimming can be achieved by one of the following 3 methods:

1) 1-10V dimming - using a wall mounted 1-10v dimmer switch (please note that control wires are required from the dimmable driver to the switch).
2) 1-10V dimming - using a 2.4GHz RF remote control and 1-10V dimmer controller.
3) TRIAC dimming - witha conventional wall mounted TRIAC dimmer switch using your existing wiring.


For more information on dimming, please call 01652 638850 and ask to speak with one of our fully qualified electricians.

  1. Getting used to the new LED display - it looks very authentic but just a little different to what we are used to!
    Collected via eKomi