LED Panel Recessed Mounting Kit - 1200 x 300

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- Available in 5 sizes
- White powder coated finish

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This Recessed Mounting Frame is perfect to mount our LEDPanelStore LED Panel Lights in locations without suspended ceiling grid (e.g. plasterboard ceilings) .

Recessed mounting kits are ideal for offices, schools, hospitals and home etc. where the asthetics won't allow a bulky surface mounting option.

For installation, a 1210mm x 310mm hole is cut in to the plasterboard to accommodate the frame and the panel is then inserted like you would a suspended ceiling grid.

Please note: There CANNOT be any joists above the recessed frame otherwise the panel will not be able to be fitted!

All LED Panel Store mounting kits come with a 5 Year Warranty and a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    I'd hoped it was front mounting, need to design and make my own mount.

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    I'm using the frame to inclose my led pane lights. To my friends and company. The quality of the product was 10 out of 10, all mitres were cot perfect, there was no damages to paint. It was exactly what I was looking for.

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    Great kit - easy to assemble. I had to make my own brackets to support the unit from the existing rafters, but holes were already made in the mounting kit that allowed this without modification to the kit itself.

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