UGR19 600mm x 600mm Back Lit LED Panel Light (4000K)

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- 30W provides 3750lm
- URG<19 low glare and TPb fire performance
- 5-year warranty on the panel and driver
- Epistar 4014, 125 lumen per watt LED Chips
- 4000K (also available in 5000K)
- 3 Hour Emergency Option
- White Aluminium Bezel
- Includes Tridonic flicker-free driver

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Our NEW URG<19 600mm x 600mm 4000K Back Lit LED light panels are ideal as a direct replacement for the CAT2 600 x 600 four-tube fluorescent modular fittings which are frequently seen in offices.

The URG19 low glare performance is coupled with an impressive 125lm/W efficacy to give 3750lm of light, which is at least as much light as it's fluorescent counterpart.

For peace of mind this LED panel comes complete with a 30W Tridonic Flicker-Free driver. The DC connection to the panel is plug-and-play for ease of installation, and the AC is simply wired into the existing lighting circuit via a live and neutral.

The panels have a durable white powder coated aluminium frame, which will match white ceiling grids perfectly.

The secret behind the incredible low price, but high performance of this panel is that it is "back lit", which means that the LEDs are affixed to the back of the panel and emit light towards the front of the panel.

(Most LED panels are "edge lit" which means that the LEDs are fitted in the edge of the panel and shine light towards the centre of the panel, where a special plastic component called a Light Guide Plate (LGP) "pushes" the light out of the front of the panel. This LGP is relatively expensive and absorbs some light, meaning that back lit panels, which do not require an LGP, have a cost and also efficiacy advantage over Edge Lit panels.

The only noticeable difference between this Back Lit LED panel and our Edge Lit LED panels is that being 32mm it is a little thicker than our Edge Lit panels which are 10mm. However, in most cases this does not matter as there usually plenty of space above the ceiling grid to allow installation.

To ensure that the panel doesn't have dark spots special lenses are fitted over each LED, while to ensure the durability of the automated LED fixing process each PCB is tested to withstand a downwards pull force of 850g for 30 days at operating temperature.

Emergency Packs are available, which are British designed and manufactured specifically for our panels. These provide over 3 hours of maintained light output without the additional expense and inconvenience of separate emergency lighting.

Optional dimming can be achieved by either of the following 3 methods:
1) 1-10V dimming - using a wall mounted 1-10v dimmer switch (please note that control wires are required from the dimmable driver to the switch).
2) 1-10V dimming - using a 2.4GHz RF remote control and 1-10V dimmer controller.
3) TRIAC dimming - witha conventional wall mounted TRIAC dimmer switch using your existing wiring.


For more information on dimming, please check out our LED Panel Dimming Guide,  or for more information call us on 01652 638850 and ask to speak with one of our fully qualified electricians.

This product is suitable for mounting with:

Cable Suspension kits


Z brackets
Surface mounting boxes
Spring clips

Suspension kits are available HERE:

Colour: 4000K Lumen Output: 3750lm
Glare rating: URG<19 Efficiency: 125lm/W
Diffuser fire-rating:  TPb Voltage:  220-277V
Wattage: 72 Watts Equivalent Power Consump: 30 watts
Size (LxW): 600mm x 600mm x 32mm Dimmable: Optional (Please call)
Approx. Lifespan: 50,000 hours Certification: CE & RoHS