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Extra long Y-shaped LED panel suspension kit (3m)

- Suitable for LED Panels with suitable brackets
- Adjustable length (30cm - 300cm drop)
- Stainless steel wires

£11.40 £9.50

Extra long (3m) stainless steel wire suspension kit for use with our LED Panel Store (and many other) ultra slim LED panel lights allowing the panel to be hung from a ceiling. Ideal for situations when recessed mounting is not possible, or for an ultra modern appearance.

One end of the suspension kit screws to ceiling, the other side then splits into 2 and clips through the panel brackets.

Adjustable length (30cm - 300cm drop)


Please ensure the panels have suitable brackets fitted for attaching the wires to.

All LED Panel Store LED panel light suspension kits come with a 5 Year Warranty and a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.