3 Office Design Tips To Encourage Creative Thinking

If your business is in the creative industry, you will want to encourage your employees to come up with as many bright ideas as possible. Read on to find out how the way you design your office space can help stimulate their senses and fuel some great campaigns for your enterprise.

1)      Go open plan

Keep your office space bright, open and light with LED panels to encourage networking and discussion among workers.

Speaking with Inc.com, general manager of Turnstone Kevin Kuske said having a huge open space creates a hum of chatter, which in turn allows more people to communicate effectively.

“If you keep a lot of energy and people in the space, everyone is free to talk, interact, because the background noise – the buzz – gives them this privacy,” he was reported as saying.

2)      Go green

Nature is very therapeutic, particularly for office workers who tend to only see four walls during the day. That’s why you might want to have some green space outside your building, whether it’s a small garden, courtyard or picnic area with benches.

You could even add plants in the office or let employees look after their own flowers on their desk. Some offices even go as far as to allow staff to bring their pets in, as animals can be calming and it enables workers to feel a connection with home life.

3)      Have work zones

Instead of traditional desks, a canteen and conference rooms, offices have become a lot more fluid with their work areas. You could instead have an area with a sofa and beanbags to enable your staff to be comfortable while they bounce ideas off each other.

You could even have phone booths for private client phone calls, a coffee shop for mini breaks in the day where small groups could meet, or high desks to stand and look at plans together.