Why LED Panel Lights Will Save You Money

Everything To Know About Cheap LED Light Panels

Of course, we all want to pay as little as possible for anything, but please remember the proverb “Buy cheap, buy twice”

At LED Panel Store, all our flat LED panels, even the smaller sizes such as the 600 x 300 LED Panel Light, come with a 5-year warranty on both the panel and the driver.

The long life of our panel is due to the use of high-quality key components including:

  • Laser-etched PMMA Light Guide Plate – this is the part that “pushes” light out of the front of the panel. Beware polystyrene or even PMMA LGP’s that have been lithographically printed as these will yellow over time
  • Branded drivers – we always use branded drivers as these are the most important part of the system.
  • LED Chips – we use the Epistar brand LED chips in all our panels because they provide:
    • Long life
    • High efficiency – Higher efficiency provides greater savings, and our 600 x 600, 1200 x 300 and 1200 x 600 LED panel lights have an excellent efficiency of 100lm/W

Cheap LED panel lights are always a false economy!

LED Panel Light Savings Calculation

The table below shows an example of the savings that can be made when you change to LED Panel Lights:

These savings can easily be increased by making the LED panel light dimmable. We can supply dimmable panels with the following dimming systems:

0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / DSI / Switch Dimmable / TRIAC / MAINS.

Alternatively, savings can be made simply and cheaply by reducing the wattage of the LED Panel. For example, many customers choose 36W 600 x 600 LED panel lights or even 32W 600 x 600 LED Panel lights. It’s easy for us to supply different wattages to satisfy customers’ requirements because we hold a vast stock of drivers for our panels. Please call us on 01482 831222 for details.

How To Have LED Panel Lights for Home

If you are buying LED Panel lights for home, or for a commercial space that does not have a suspended ceiling (also known as a grid ceiling), then please remember that you will likely need to buy some optional mounting accessories.

The LED panel surface mount kit can be used to create a surface mounted LED panel light, whilst the LED panel recessed mounting kit is used to produce a recessed LED panel light. Either of these can be used make an LED Panel wall light.

Although the 600×600 led panel lights, and the 1200×600 LED panel lights are popular for commercial use, smaller sizes such as the 600 x 300 LED panel light, the 1200 x 300 LED panel light, and even the 300 x 300 LED panel light, can be more suitable for home use.

What Are Round LED Panel Lights

At LED Panel Store, we also supply high-quality round LED Panel Lights, which can also be supplied as dimmable upon request.