How To Stay Fit And Healthy When You Work In An Office

Although the traditional 9-5 work routine is on the decline, many of us are still based in an office for most of our working day.

With most people spending the majority of the hours either glued to their computer or called into frequent meetings in the boardroom, we spend a lot of time sitting down and staring at screens.

So how can we maintain this type of work but create a healthy balanced lifestyle at the same time?

Here LED Panel Store offer you a few suggestions….

Leave the car

Although sitting down at your desk might be a necessity in your workplace, it doesn’t mean that getting there needs to be too. Can you cycle to work if the weather permits? If you have to drive part of the way, can you stop somewhere a few streets away and complete the journey by foot? If you take the bus, can you get off two stops earlier and take a stroll into head office?

These are all small changes, but ones that can make a big difference to your health and lifestyle.  

Drink plenty of water

Keeping hydrated is very important, especially in the summer months. Keep a glass or bottle on your desk at all times and make sure you fill it up at least once every working hour. Water will make you feel more alert, productive and will also prevent premature hunger cravings, too.

Take a break

We get it, you are very busy and important! That doesn’t mean that you can’t spare five minutes out of every hour to walk around the office, talk to a colleague or walk to the kitchen to top up your water bottle.

Next time you start to write an internal email, stop yourself and take a walk to visit that colleague instead. They will welcome the company and your heart rate will welcome the walk!

Say no to fatty snacks

If you work in a particularly large office, chances are there will be a lot of birthdays, leaving parties and celebrations that mean cakes and snacks are involved. While it’s good to occasionally treat yourself and say yes, it’s also good to sometimes say no thanks and restrict yourself.

Instead of heading to the vending machine for chocolate or snacks in the afternoon, bring in your own chopped veg, buts or fruit, which are much healthier choices. This will also help to save a few pounds in savings each week too.

Look after your eyes

If you work in an office all day and use a laptop or PC, then eye health is particularly important.

Make sure you attend regular optician appointments, use drops to prevent dry eyes and always ensure that the lighting is efficient that you are not straining your eyes to see.

Although natural light is great in an office environment, sometimes you need the assistance of LED panels or other artificial lighting to assist your vision.