3 Ways To Relieve Eye Strain For Office Workers

Working in an office can lead to a number of injuries, even if you don’t leave your seat for most of the day, and one of the most common is eye strain. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to relieve eye strain so you can make your employees as comfortable as possible.

– Improve office lighting

Simply by having good-quality lighting in the office, such as LED panels, you can make a big difference to how well your staff can see.

When staring at a computer for hours on end, you often don’t realise you’re working in dark conditions and that the light isn’t bright enough to enable you to see clearly. Similarly, it can become habit for people to turn on desk lamps, which don’t provide enough light for you to avoid straining your eyes.

Instead, install fluorescent LED panels that mimic natural light best so your staff feel as though their vision is as good as it would be if they were outside on a summer’s day – even when it’s dark outside.

– Offer eye tests

Encourage your employees to go for regular eye tests to ensure their vision hasn’t deteriorated. Do this by offering to reimburse them for the cost of the check or asking an optician to come in and carry out routine eye tests on your workforce.

– Improve computer screens

Desk-based workers have to spend all day staring at their computers, so make sure you update them with LCD screens that have a high resolution. Not only are these easier to look at, they typically have an anti-reflective surface.

It is also wise to give each employee a large computer screen or an additional display to plug into their laptop, so they don’t need to squint to read.