88,000 LED Bulbs Light Up Warsaw Spire

One of Poland’s most famous landmarks can now be seen for miles on end, as the Warsaw Spire skyscraper has been lit with more than 88,000 LED light panels.

The recently opened 220-metre tall building is situated in the business district of Warsaw. While the structure is already iconic for having an interesting design and being the second tallest skyscraper in the Eastern European country, it now stands out for another reason.

LED bulbs cover the façade of the building, while there are two large LED installations comprising more than 80,000 light points at a height of 160 metres. These alone measure 5,500 squared metres – the size of a football pitch.

The installations can display a variety of messages, and while the tower was being constructed before its opening in May 2016, the words ‘I love Warsaw’ were blasted on to the building for people within a radius of several miles to see.

Despite the fact the huge building will spend a lot of its time lit up, using LED bulbs is expected to be 75 per cent more energy efficient than conventional ones.

Indeed, its energy-saving advantage is one of the reasons why the LED lighting market is growing at an unprecedented rate.

A recent report by Zion Research found the industry will grow by 13 per cent between 2015 and 2020 worldwide. While the market was valued at $20 billion (£15.41 billion) in 2014, experts anticipate it will more than double, reaching $42.5 billion by the end of the decade.