90,000 New LED Lights To Be Fitted Across Santander’s UK Estate

Santander will be making good use of LED panel light distributors in the near future after it was announced that the company’s entire UK estate – including 14 office buildings and 800 branches – will have 90,000 new LED lights installed.

UK Green Investment Bank has provided £17.5 million in funding to see the project get off the ground, which is estimated to generate energy savings of over 50 per cent and slash greenhouse gas emissions by over 7,000 tonnes per annum.

Director of Santander Chris Richold said that the company is eager to lead the way with regards to environmental sustainability and finance, adding: “There are fewer better ways to do so than to conduct and finance an energy efficiency upgrade throughout our entire UK estate.”

Making further comments, secretary of state for energy and climate change Amber Rudd said: “We need research, innovation and serious private sector interest in clean energy technology to make real progress in transition to a global low carbon economy. The LED lighting retrofit project is a great example of steps that can be taken by companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

LED lighting panels can be of great benefit to businesses. They’re a lot brighter than traditional bulbs so are perfect for retail stores and they also last a lot longer, so you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs over and over again. This will save you time and money – key concerns for businesses at the moment. You can also boost your green credentials by making such investments, which can help to bring in new custom.