Bracknell Forest Council To Invest In LED Lighting

If you’re considering investing in LED panel surface mounting kits, take inspiration from Bracknell Forest Council which just last month (October) revealed that it intends to update all its street lights (some 14,500 of them) to LED lights to save £8 million over the next 25 years.

According to the BBC, the local authority could spend more than £7.3 million on the project to cut back on costs of maintenance and electricity, which at the moment stands at around £730,000 annually.

Since LED lighting options use less energy and last far longer than traditional bulbs, savings would be made on reduced electricity bills and lower maintenance costs.

Should the project go ahead, the new bulbs would be installed over the next three years, with the local authority saying that if the project is delayed current electricity prices could see the council having to pay an additional £300,000 a year.

The way streets are lit plays a huge part in urban safety and protecting the members of public who live in larger cities and towns. White LEDs in street lights are proving to be especially useful in this regard, with towns like Salford fitting LED street lighting around the city.

White light is a lot brighter than the traditional street lights of old, so it’s much easier to recognise people and buildings – meaning it’s much harder for people to hide and take advantage of the darker spots.

Other councils to have adopted this kind of technology in recent times includes Southend, which recently announced it would be changing bulbs to LEDs to save on energy bills and improve CCTV images after dark.