Bury’s 11,000 Streetlights To Be Switched To LEDs

The Lancashire town of Bury will soon see all 11,000 of its streetlights given an eco-friendly makeover and switched to LED lighting, which cost less to power and are 50 per cent more energy efficient.

According to the Bury Times, work has already started in parts of northern Bury, with the last streetlight in the township to be switched over come January next year.

There are many benefits to looking into the installation of wholesale LED panels and lights, one of which is that this kind of lighting lasts a lot longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so they need replacing a lot less often… which will no doubt save the council lots of money.

A spokesman for the local authority told the news source: “Over time, the electricity bill for street lighting has increased dramatically. In 2009, the annual bill was £594,000. By 2013, it had risen by nearly £300,000 to £867,000. When the LED lighting replacement programme is complete, we estimate that our electricity usage will be reduced and that this will save at least £200,000 over the coming years. Savings in carbon emissions will save a further £16,000 on the purchase of carbon allowances.”

This is something that many councils around the UK are starting to appreciate, it would seem. In Essex, for example, 9,000 lamps were set to be switched to LEDs by the end of August in a bid to save money, use less energy and save time on maintenance.

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