Cardiff Council To Replace Street Lights With LEDs

Yet another council in the UK appears to be realising the benefits of making the switch to LED lighting. Cardiff authorities have just revealed that they want to install 13,608 LED lights on the main bus routes and highways in the city, a move that will cost £4.4 million.

According to the local authority, the switch will save people £800,000 a year, as well as reducing carbon emissions and improving visibility, Wales Online reports. The brighter lights will help cut street crime, council bosses have said, with studies showing that incidents of this kind have been cut by seven per cent on average as a result of improved lighting.

Ramesh Patel, Cardiff council cabinet member, said the new LED lights are very advanced and will allow the council to gain even more control over the lighting, as and when required.

“If, say, an accident occurred, we could turn up the lighting to help the emergency services. The lights can also self-report any faults or issues they are having to a central computer. This will enable the council to be far more efficient at fixing faults,” the representative went on to say.

Back in February, it emerged that Scottish councils are also interested in investing LED lights, with nearly a third of all street lamps in Scotland to be switched to LEDs by April 2017. Scottish Futures Trust figures show that 125,000 of the 900,000 street lights in operation in the country are now LEDs. Come April next year, this is expected to double to 250,000.

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