Cities Urged To Switch To LED Lighting By 2025

Cities all over the world have been urged to make the move to LEDs for all their street lights by the year 2025 – so wholesale LED panel lights may well be more in demand in the future.

The Climate Group, a non-profit organisation dedicated to pursuing a low carbon future, has just launched a new global campaign LED = Lower Emissions Delivered in a bid to encourage cities, local governments and companies to really take advantage of the key benefits of switching over to LEDs.

A study by the group has found that metropolises that have already adopted this technology for their street lights have managed to achieve energy savings of between 50 and 70 per cent. Trials were seen in cities including Sydney, Kolkata, London and New York.

“As an emissions-cutting and money-saving technology, LED street lighting is the big no-brainer. There is no longer any reason why the big switch shouldn’t start today, accelerating adoption in the US and around the world,” chief executive officer of The Climate Group Mark Kenber said.

Investing in LED lighting makes perfect sense, since such panels last longer than traditional lights. This means that you’ll save money in the long run if you opt for these over traditional bulbs, as well as ensuring peace of mind that your lights won’t go out all of a sudden.

In addition, these panels are a lot brighter than other products so whatever you need to use them for, you can rest assured that they will do whatever job you require them to.