Cost Of Lighting World Landmarks Revealed!

There’s LED panel light wholesale and then there’s this – providing enough lights to illuminate the world’s most iconic landmarks might be beyond even us! However, a new infographic shared by the Daily Mail does reveal just how much goes into lighting these behemoths, including the number of lights and the cost in electricity each year.

As you might expect, the most expensive area in the world is the Las Vegas strip, which costs almost £100 million to light to illuminate 250,000 bulbs and uses 708 million kWh per year. However, the most expensive individual building to light is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which costs some £300,000 to light each year just by itself!

In comparison, we do not too bad for ourselves when it comes to affordable lighting here in the UK, with Buckingham Palace proving one of the cheapest landmarks to light on the list. With its 2,200 individual light bulbs, it costs less than £10,000 a year to run. To put it in context of other UK landmarks, it’s a quarter of the cost to light the London Eye and an eighth of the cost of illuminating the Blackpool Tower.

The low running costs of Buckingham Palace’s exterior lights is down to clever use of fewer numbers of lights, as well as the use of LED lights.

The majority of the landmarks on the list do use LEDs, however certain sightseeing hotspots are yet to make the upgrade to these money-savers. Las Vegas, of course, uses neon lights, the Eiffel Tower still uses traditional bulbs and its sister tower in Japan, the Tokyo Tower, uses floodlights.