Could LED Lights Make School Runs Safer?

The UK might follow in the US’s footsteps and install LED panel lights at school crossings to improve road safety for pupils.

This comes after two flashing LED lamps have been added on the corner of 8th Avenue and Wood Street in Baraboo, Wisconsin, after concerns were raised about the high volume of traffic in the area, Channel 3000 reported.

Captain Rob Sinden with the Baraboo Police Department was quoted as saying: “I’ve worked with crossing guards for many, many years and we have so many close calls it is incredible.”

The lights will help those coming from three different schools crossing at the junction, making it a safer journey for children walking to and from school.

Captain Sinden added: “From the standpoint of simple safety, what is the cost of an individual being struck by a car?”

In addition to these LED lights, a second set of flashing lamps will be installed before the school year begins. These will be fitted at the junction of 8th Avenue and Jefferson Street, also aimed at alerting traffic to the pedestrians.

The price of the flashing LED lights is expected to be $8,000 (£6,150) each. However, as they will be solar-powered, the cost of energy bills to keep them running will be minimal.

Parents of schoolchildren in the area will no doubt be pleased something is being done to improve the safety of their youngsters’ commute to school. So much so that this could be a trend that is picked up on in the UK as well.

While many councils have begun to install LED street lamps as a cost-cutting and energy-saving measure, there have not been any moves to fit LED lights to improve road safety for children as well.