Could More Smart LED Lampposts Be On The Way?

It is not just the inside of your house or office that can reap the benefits of installing LED lighting panels or other such form of LED technology, but even the streets themselves.

LED lampposts are in no way a new form of technology and the transition of street lighting to LED is already well underway across Europe and parts of America. Yet, with the reported success of intelligent LED street lighting projects in the likes of New York and Glasgow, it seems we can expect to see a greater frequency of these sorts of initiatives.

The past few years have seen the various initiatives of smart lighting in the streets come along in leaps and bounds and recent reports suggests there seems to be no signs of stopping. Last week, the Engineering and Technology website discussed the project in Glasgow whereby, using a mixture of cameras and motion sensors, the lights dim themselves when no one is around and brighten when passersby approach.

The energy-saving qualities of LED streetlights alone make this project worthwhile, with lighting being one of the biggest expenses for towns and cities. Yet, the technology has the potential to do so much more than simply save energy and money.

More recently, energy company Shell posted a short excerpt on its website of the potential to link smart lampposts through a WiFi system. This not only allows adjacent lampposts to turn on when motion is detected along the system, but reportedly will allow people who require help to send emergency signals through the network of the intelligent streetlights.

The potential energy-saving qualities of LED lampposts are substantial and tangible, even before we consider the likes of intelligent or smart LED systems. At a time when the need to conserve energy and money is paramount, such projects as these are certainly welcome.