Dimmable LED Panels For Your Office

Would dimmable LED Panels work in your office?

Dimmable LED lights have many benefits, especially for offices, which also make use of natural daylight to brighten the space. Dimming your LEDs also makes them run cooler, which helps to extend their lifespan so that you will get even more value for money by installing them into your place of work.

If you have decided that installing dimmable LED light panels in your office is a good idea, then here are a few handy tips that will ensure you get the most out their functionality:

Where should I buy my dimmable LED panel lights?

There is a lot of variation in the dimming quality of LED lights, in particular, the achievable brightness range and stability of output. Some manufacturers are happy to label their lamps as dimmable even if they can deliver only the smallest change in brightness.

It is essential, therefore, especially for office environments that you choose LED panels from established lighting manufacturers. Aside from dimming considerations, established brands are also more likely to offer better product warranties, longer lamp life, and more customer support.

Are my LED Panels compatible with a dimmer switch?

In general terms, you cannot use LEDs with traditional dimmer switches. The halogen dimmer switches work by reducing the voltage used by the fixture which effectively reduces the amount of light. This type of function will not work with LEDs because the voltage can reduce, but the LED will still give off the same amount of light.

When you are selecting your LED panels initially, you must ensure that the manufacturer describes them as being ‘dimmable’. The driver circuit in these types of LED panels has been designed with dimming in mind, unlike some other LED lights. Contact your manufacturer about selecting a dimmer, which is then compatible with your chosen LED light products.

Who should I get to fit my dimmable LED panels? 

We would always recommend consulting a qualified electrician to install LED panels and dimmers, however, some people prefer to install themselves to save time and cost. If you do decide to install yourself, then make sure you are armed with a wealth of information before you start, as to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

LED dimmers often come with features, which are made to improve their performance. Sometimes, however, you may have to personally program the dimmer to access these added features. Don’t be tempted just to ‘plug in and go’ because you may be missing out on features that will give greater quality and functionality to your lighting. Some remote-controlled dimmers have even further scene-setting features, which can be unlocked using their dedicated handset. Some manufacturers have released how-to videos on their websites, or via YouTube, which can help when it comes to installing.

Issues and problems

If a dimmer has been incorrectly installed with LED panels or is incompatible, then issues are sure to arise. Some of the issues could include:

  • Flickering – Lamps will flicker or flash
  • Drop-out – No light output is present at all
  • Sharp changes – Light output may not go from dim to bright light smoothly

If any of these problems occur, then please consult a professional electrician for advice.

LED Panel Store stock a wide range of dimmer accessories, so get in touch if you need any advice at all for your business.