Electricians Opt For ‘Quality Over Cost’, Says Study

As an LED light distributor, we talk to electricians all the time about the trends which are changing the way they do their job. One such change is a change in the way consumers and electricians are looking at the products that go into their homes and offices.

According to Building Design & Construction Magazine, a new survey has discovered that electricians are far more likely to value quality over the most budget option.

The survey by Select (the campaigning trade body for the electrical sector), found that 65 per cent of electricians choose a specific manufacturer based on quality, while only 19 per cent said cost was their deciding factor.

Newell McGuiness, the managing director of Select, said that in an industry under pressure for fast results, this survey was a breath of fresh air. He believes that a focus by electrician’s on quality products, rather than the cheapest made sure that the customer’s interests are put first.

Of course, another factor was availability, as electricians try to provide services as quickly and efficiently as possible for clients, as well as aftercare services. Products produced in the UK were also popular, as electricians look to support quality goods again, as well as home grown talent.

We’re glad that quality is such an important factor for those in the business, as we pride ourselves on providing the top quality LED lighting panels, while still delivering a competitive price. We also support UK manufacturing and have a number of British made products.

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