Essex County Council Commits To LED Street Lighting

Essex County Council will likely be seeking out the services of LED panel light distributors in the near future, as it’s just revealed that it will be looking to invest £300 million on its local road networks in the next three years, including supplying LED street lighting.

According to the Echo, the funding will be put towards improving lighting, pavements and road surfaces, with the council also pledging to upgrade junction problems on the A127, changing the traffic light system at the Rayleigh Weir Junction and adding in extra lanes and better traffic lights near the Nevendon junction.

Commenting on the impending improvements, Conservative councillor Rodney Bass said: “We know how important this is to people and to businesses and we intend to continue that trend, with our attention now shifting to tackling defects on urban and rural roads and estates, investing in better lighting and better footpaths. We will also be looking at investing in particular roads and bridges and also in LED lighting.”

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