How To Create An Amazing Reception Area For Your Business

A great reception space should deliver an exciting memorable and immersive experience for every guest who walks through your door. The fit out of a company’s reception area, as well as the staff manning it, can tell a guest a lot about the business and how they operate.

The first impression 

First impressions are made in an instant, and it is so important that you make a good one with customers, suppliers, and potential employees. In order to put your guests at ease and make them feel welcome, you need to create a space that is both inviting and professional. Great lighting, great interior design and great staff will speak volumes to your visitors, especially if they are potential new clients or prospective employees. 

Create unique memorable experiences through functional, and stylish interior design and opt for a layout using a creative mix of architecture, lighting, interesting materials and finishes which should leave a lasting impression, or one that they may want to be a part of going forward into the future. A potential customer entering a dark, poorly-lit reception entrance will leave with a very different opinion to a potential customer entering an uplifting reception brightly lit with modern LED panel lights.

Tone and messaging

Your reception area is a strong communication tool, to the point where visitors and customers can find materials and get advice about your company. That makes it an ideal place to display literature, product samples, etc. that educate people about your business. But there’s a bigger story to tell. If you’re a computer game developer, a private law firm or a dental practice, the reception environment you create may be very different from other businesses with different goals. So make sure your interior and lighting fit in with the tone and personality of your business.

The personal touch

Your reception desk should perform two very important, but very different roles. On your business side, it has to be a fully functional workspace for employees working in that area, and on the public side, it presents the face of your business, and how people are going to remember you. You can create a design that speaks directly in your tone of voice but, which is also logistically effective.