How to get a longer life out of your LED panel lights

LED panel lights are an efficient and cost-effective way to light up homes, offices and warehouse spaces, as well as being a modern alternative to traditional ceiling fixtures. Since they need to ingest less energy than normal bulbs and produce much less heat, LED panels have a much longer lifespan, and once installed, you won’t need to think about changing them for a rather long time. This said, there are still ways and means of making sure that your LED panels can last even longer than expected.

Installation & location

LED panel lights can be installed in various ways – built-in, recessed, mounted or suspended. A lot of the choice is down to style and visual preference, however, mounted or suspended panels generally offer a more subdued lighting option than built-in variations.

It is always advised to seek professional help to install your LED panels for the first time to ensure that they are installed correctly and safely. If, however, you choose to install yourself, then make sure that you go through a proper user manual to guide you, so that you are aware of all the components used and how to handle them. You should also ensure that you mount your LED panel lights in a suitable location.

The best place to locate panels is close to power sockets as to reduce the wire length needed. Regulate usage Whilst many

Regulate usage 

Whilst many us are more aware these days of energy preservation and minimizing electricity consumption, it still helps to enforce certain regulations, especially in the workplace, to ensure that LED panel lights are used only when necessary. As well as controlling cutting electricity bills, this will also help to conserve the lifespan of your LED panels too.

Natural light should be utilized wherever possible, meaning that blinds should be left open during office hours so that less artificial light is needed. Lights should be turned off in storage rooms or meeting rooms that aren’t being used, and all staff members should be aware of how to turn lights off and on in case they are the first or last people in the office and need to operate them.

Dimmer switches can be installed to LED Panel lights, which can also help alter the light consumption according to the time of day or need.


Dust and dirt, as well as insects and bugs, do have a natural habit of clinging to light fixtures. If enough dust makes its way into the area, this can sometimes mess up the connection, therefore it is useful to use a soft cloth to go over the bulbs as well as the exterior panels to avoid this from getting out of hand. You could also use a white sock or soft handkerchief to achieve the same results.

How regularly you need to clean your panels will depend on their location. If your panel is in an area which is prone to dust, then you may need to clean it as often as once a week to keep it clean and help it last for years to come.