How To Get The Perfect LED Lighting In Your Office?

Creating the perfect lighting in your office space can be hard to achieve, especially with so many factors affecting how much light is emitted and how well it spreads around a space. Effective lighting can significantly alter the work environment for your team, with poor lighting affecting the motivation, and eye-health of employees. It is, therefore, essential you take a look at our guide on how to better the lighting in your office space…

Make the most of natural light

Although the British weather doesn’t allow for very many sunny days, we must make the most of what we get! There is no point having lovely floor-to-ceiling windows and then having the blinds down all day because of the sunlight creating a glaze on people’s computer screens. Therefore, when considering the office layout, make sure that the desks are laid out so that they are sideways to the open window space so that the sun won’t interfere with people’s views. Another option is to consider reflective glass in the first place so that the glare is eliminated but the sunlight still flows through to brighten up the space.

Switch to LED panels

Not only can LED panels save you money in the long run, but they also offer a better quality of light without flickering and a reduction in the fading of furnishings and surfaces. LED panels provide lighting which is much more consistent and makes the office appear brighter and more ‘true to life’ than halogen alternatives. Along with the improved brightness, the LED panels also emit less heat, making an overall more comfortable environment for employees.

Use an LED Dimmer

The amount of light needed in an office space isn’t always the same. Bright sunny afternoons, grey rainy days, and cold dark evenings all require a different amount and type of lighting, therefore installing a dimmer with your LED panels will help to solve this issue in an instant. Dimmable LED bulbs allow you to alter the amount of light emitted from the panels, so you are in complete control of the whole office environment. Ensure your LED bulbs are compatible with a dimmer switch before you install them.

Use additional support lighting

In addition to your ceiling lights or suspended office lighting panels, you might also want to consider some free-standing, additional lighting to support it. Desk lamps, tall pillar lamps, and corner light stands are all great options which add complimentary light, as well as a stylish appearance to the space. Use LED bulbs in these appliances too to complement the panels and create an overall fantastic lighting effect for your whole team to enjoy.