How to make the best out of a small office space?

If space is lacking in your office, then you need some sure-fire ways of utilising the space you have to its greatest potential. Here are three great ideas to ensure that every inch of space is maximized:


1. Use your walls

Most offices spaces, no matter how small, usually have at least one or two clear walls. This means, that instead of bringing in clunky units and filing cabinets, you could install some wall shelves to store paperwork, brochures, and stationery, saving a lot of vital floor space. Another idea would be to install a mezzanine floor, which could potentially double the surface working area of the office space. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, mezzanines are easy to install and often quite cost-efficient.

2. Eliminate the clutter

In a small office space, clutter is a much-unwanted guest and something that needs to be cracked down on to stop it spreading! When you have very little space, you need to be brutal. If something doesn’t serve a beneficial purpose, or if it has not been used that week already, then it is time to recycle it or give it to charity. Wherever possible, eliminate the need for paper printouts and old files. Clunky filing cabinets and storage units are a massive drain on space, and much of the paperwork being saved is not essential. Start with paperless desk spaces, encouraging employees only to print out when going to meetings, or for something extremely important. Soon you will all get the hang of it, and paper will be a thing of the past!

3. Brighten up

For small offices, light is especially important. Hopefully your office will have a least a window or two to give some natural light, however, the fact is that you will also need some additional lighting two. LED panel lights are really useful in a small space as they give maximum light and are very cost effective. A small row of panels will be enough to light your small space, and will also allow the office to remain cool, as LED lights do not emit heat. When it comes to decorating the interior of your office, there has been a lot of research done into the psychological effects of colour. Yellow has been reported to energise, and shades of blue are seen to give a cooling and calming effect. In terms of colour for a small office space, we would always recommend bright and light colours, as this makes space appear bigger than it is. This should also give some motivational benefits to your workforce as well.