Keeping Your Office Cool During The Heatwave

As the summer heatwave continues to leave the UK melting, businesses need to ensure that motivation and productivity don’t suffer as staff swelter in the heat. Here are some useful tips to help you cool down in the heat….

Close windows in peak sun 

Naturally, when the sun is out people are inclined to think that opening a window lets in a breeze and therefore cancels out the hot air in the office. However, the complete opposite is usually true, as having windows open replaces the cold air you built up in your office with the outdoor heat coming in. Windows can be opened during the early mornings and late afternoons to let in a breeze but should be closed during the hot midday sun.

Air conditioning and fans

If you have an office that is prone to become very hot, then it is worth considering investing in an air conditioning system that could improve the well-being of your staff. In the first instance, you should request a survey to be carried out by an experienced air conditioning engineers – many of whom can tackle even the toughest of office installations. Fan systems are another, cheaper option and generally leave a much smaller carbon footprint, however, in extreme heat, no matter how powerful the pedestal or tower fan is, it simply cannot cool a large area as effectively as an air conditioner can.

Switch to LED lights 

We all know that LED panels can reduce energy consumption in an office but they also have another benefit, which is especially useful in the high temperature – they can help to keep your office cooler, and therefore help to reduce the need for air conditioning. 

Here’s why: incandescent bulbs expend about 90% of the energy they consume as waste heat That is 90% serving no purpose whatsoever, whilst also making staff less comfortable in the warmer months. LED panels, on the other hand, consume very little energy in the first place, and they burn cool. This saves you money and makes your office more comfortable, all summer long. 

Keep hydrated 

When the weather is hot, people lose fluids a lot quicker. Drinking water will keep your employees healthy and cool. Ensure you have a water filter available in each office and that you have arranged for it to be filled up more often than usual during the summer months. Recommend to employees that they frequently put a few cool drops of water on their wrists and the back of your neck can help lower their body temperature.

Relax the working environment

Relaxing the dress code a little in hot weather can help your staff feel more comfortable at work. Your customers will be warm too, so they will understand if staff are dressed in a cooler way during the summer. If your staff have a uniform, consider a summer version that has short sleeves and lighter fabric. Flexible working arrangements can also really help staff cope with hot weather. You could offer flexible earlier starts and earlier finish times so staff can avoid commuting at busier times, and if staff are able to work from home, consider allowing them to do so during extreme temperatures.