LED Lighting ‘Boosting Cucumber Productivity’

Whether you run a cucumber business or simply want to win the top prize at your local village fair vegetable-growing competition, you might want to invest in some LED lights as it seems these can actually help your veggies grow.

Crops specialist Piet Hein van Baar from Philips Horticulture revealed that LED lighting in cucumber glasshouses can actually help to increase sustainability and productivity at the same time, Horticulture Week reports.

With 100 per cent LED, the fruit development is also faster while the water use is nearly 14 per cent lower. But adding LED interlight to an existing [high pressure sodium] system can also give you more grams per mol of light,” Mr Hein van Baar said.

However, Dr David George of the Stockbridge Technology Centre did say that LEDs could complicate the responses that plants have to pests since they alter these to help limit damage and bring in various biocontrol agents – which different types of light can have an impact on.

This isn’t the first time that LED lighting systems have been suggested as a way of helping nurserymen, however. Back in April, the news source also reported that an increasing number of growers are using this technology to help them grow their crops. LEDs that have different wavelengths can give people greater control over the colours that plants need in order to grow – so photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting can be controlled to an even greater extent.

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