LED Lighting Set To Enhance Ice Hockey Games

It’s going to be all about wholesale LED panel lights for the newly renovated Carrier Dome ice hockey arena in Syracuse over in the US, it would seem, with those involved saying the technology will undoubtedly enhance spectator experiences in numerous ways.

Chief facilities officer and vice-president of Syracuse Pete Sala told Syracuse.com that nothing is going to happen on site without an LED lighting package, something that was always going to be included right from the outset.

“I was watching a hockey game the other night and it was really cool when they introduced the players and changed the colours. We asked for lights you could turn on or off,” he added.

Not only will the new lighting system make the arena feel cleaner and brighter for fans, as well as TV crews, but it will also help to make the Carrier Dome environment feel more big time. At the moment, lights in the Carrier Dome take time to reach maximum effectiveness, but the addition of LEDs will mean the lights come on and off as and when required.

If you’re interested in investing in LED lighting, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear you could actually make great savings both financially and in terms of your carbon footprint. You may have to make a substantial upfront cost to have these lights installed in place of your old system, but when you work out how much you’ll save in the long run, you’ll surely see why it’s such a worthwhile investment. Here’s how to calculate your return on investment.