LED Lighting Systems ‘Proving Interesting’ For Growers & Nurserymen

An increasing number of growers, gardeners and nurserymen may start using LED panel flat lights to help them grow their crops, as using LEDs of different wavelengths gives them greater control over the colours that plants require to grow. This means that the plant can be controlled to an even greater extent in terms of photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting.

As Horticulture Week observes, LEDs also last longer, produce less heat and are cheaper to operate, which means that the lamps can be positioned much closer to the plants without affecting the temperature as much. This ensures that the plants are cooler and transpire less.

One company that has benefited from the use of LEDs in gardening so far is Wallings Nursery, which has been trialling the use of these lighting systems at its production house in Lawford. Because of the use of LEDs, the group were able to supply supermarkets like Sainsbury’s with strawberries grown in the UK at Christmas time.

Before LEDs came onto the market, plant lighting like SON-T lamps were used. These traditional options were expensive to both buy and run, consuming a lot of energy and failing to respond quickly to changes in conditions. They also produced excessive heat which made it harder for growers to achieve optimum conditions, which often meant that a cooling system to be used on occasion.

If you have a green thumb and want your plants to grow as well as they can, LED light panels could well help you make a difference to your garden. Get in touch with us here at LED Panel Store to find out more about this kind of technology.