LED Lights Gaining Popularity Among Horticulturalists

Green-fingered experts are starting to use more LED lights to help their plants grow, as this type of lighting is becoming more preferable to traditional lamps.

A report entitled the Global LED Lighting Market for Horticulture Application was recently released, demonstrating the growing popularity among horticulturalists and farmers for this new lighting technology, particularly those in Nordic countries and North Central Europe where there is little sunlight during the winter.

It predicts the global LED lighting market for horticulture application will grow at CAGR of 22.55 per cent between 2016 and 2020.

“One of the primary drivers in the market is unfavourable weather and climatic conditions,” a spokesperson from Sandler Research, which released the findings, stated.

“The global LED lighting market for horticulture application analyst says with global warming and the rapid depletion of non-renewable power resources becoming a major concern, several countries across the globe will increasingly focus on energy efficiency,” it was added.

Therefore, more nations are likely to swap incandescent light bulbs with LED ones.

Last year, this sector was valued at nearly $1 billion (£805.6 million), and is expected to grow to beyond this figure over the next four years.

Researchers believe use of LED lamps in the Americas will be a major factor for this growth, particularly as many countries in this region have legalised the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes.

Horticulture Week recently reported that using LED lights in cucumber glasshouses can boost sustainability and productivity when growing the fruit, helping them develop faster and use less water.

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