LED Lights To Help Pedestrian Smartphone Users

We love hearing about innovative uses for LED panel flat lights and other lighting systems – and we’ve just come across this article in the Huffington Post about a German utilities company that’s just installed LED lights in the ground to protect pedestrians as they walk around looking at their smartphones.

Apparently, Stadtwerke Augsburg installed the lights on the curbs at tram stops in the city, lights that flash red when a tram is approaching – so serving people in much the same way a traffic light system would.

The launch of the pilot system comes a month after a teenage girl died when she was hit by a tram in Munich while crossing the road with headphones in and staring at her phone.

According to the news source, pedestrians permanently glued to their smartphones have become such a common occurrence that the word ‘smombie’ – or smartphone zombie – was made Germany’s official Youth Word in 2015 by dictionary publisher Langenscheidt.

Other interesting uses of LED lighting systems include utilising them to help gardeners and growers grow their crops out of season, while other people have been trying to grow cereal plants with LED panel lights and similar.

It might be worth as a business trying to see what benefits LED lights could have for you and your operations. It seems as though the majority of companies are now making the switch to this kind of lighting, so now could be the time for you to do so as well. Read our blog post here to find out just what benefits you can expect from LED lighting installation.