LED Panel Lights: The Size Guide

So, you think that there is only one type of LED lighting panel available? Think again!

There are, in fact, many different options when it comes to LED panels, so make sure that you select the right option for your business needs. From square panels to rectangular, there are plenty of options to choose from that will match your interior and lighting needs.

Here is our simple guide to finding the right light panel for you…


The most common sizes of LED light panels are as follows:

Square LED Panels

Square panels are often used in recessed ceilings for small offices, schools or hospitals. The square sizes we stock online are as follows:  

300mm x 300mm LED panels

600mm x 600mm LED panels

Rectangle LED Panels

Rectangle LED panels are useful for larger offices and open plan spaces. They are also common in schools and warehouses with large areas that require lighting. The most common sizes of rectangle LED Panels are:  

1200mm x 300mm LED panels

1200mm x 600mm LED panels

600mm x 300mm LED panels 

Round LED Panels

Round LED panels are less common on the whole, however, are used sometimes in corridors, smaller offices, toilets or domestic rooms. The most common sizes for round LED panels are:

  • 120mm diameter
  • 200mm diameter
  • 300mm diameter

If you need any further help in choosing the perfect LED light panel for your requirements, then get in touch with a member of the LED Panel Store team today.

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