LED-Powered ‘Li-Fi’ Internet On The Way?

If the energy-efficient qualities aren’t enough to convince consumers that LED lighting panels are the way forward, we could soon see it become an essential part of how we live our day-to-day lives. After all, it must be one of the most uttered questions in today’s society: “Do you have Wi-Fi?”

Well now we’d like to welcome ‘Li-Fi’ to the world. This week, the <ahref=”https://www.ledpanelstore.co.uk/led-panels.html”_blank”>International Business Times reported that brand new technology had begun to be tested by a start-up in Estonia called Velmenni, which looked to use light as a vehicle for delivering data to devices.

While traditional Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data, this new technology looks to use the visible spectrum to deliver the same package – and then some. According to reports, Li-Fi can deliver data up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, reaching speeds of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), with the potential to reach 224 Gbps.

For Li-Fi to work, it requires an LED light bulb, an internet connection and a photo detector on the device, and the team behind the invention have suggested that any LED light bulb could be converted into a wireless router and the technology could be available within the next four years.

Of course, this idea does have some limitations – it won’t quite work in the same way as traditional Wi-Fi as it can’t go through walls, so it does require an enabled bulb in every room. Like-wise, it doesn’t work outside, so don’t be expecting public Wi-Fi to go anywhere anytime soon – but for the super-fast speed on offer, it’s sure to be a must-have for office spaces across the world.

For us, there’s never been a more exciting time to be leading LED panel suppliers!