Let Your LED Panels Truly Shine

When you start searching for new 600 x 600 LED panels for your business, it can be easy to just think of them as a functional lighting solution, but if you’re willing to get creative you can make your LED panels into a feature in their own right.

Typically this kind of lighting will work best as a feature in a commercial environment, such as shop, where it will grab the attention of passing customers.

For some inspiration, take a look at this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival, where organisers decided to go all out to make the ticket booth itself part of the show.

Instead of tucking the office away with signs sending people towards it, they designed a giant LED-lit biometric pavilion, Digital Trends revealed.

To create the installation, which doubles as a sculpture as well as its more functional use as the ticket office, designers fitted 250 different LED panels to the structure.

The two cube-shaped sections are entirely covered in these panels, which constantly change colour, and with one section of the structure leaning over the Amstel River the lights are reflected beautifully in the water.

But Amsterdam isn’t the only place where you can get ideas about using LEDs in inventive ways. Earlier this month the Niagara Falls’ lighting had an LED makeover, with $3 million being spent on the upgrade.

What’s more, the illumination board at the falls has reported cost savings of 85 per cent as a result of LEDs’ more energy efficient credentials than the old lighting solution.