Lights Go Out For Earth Hour

While converting to LED light panels is great for your wallet, it’s also great for the environment – using more energy efficient bulbs that last much longer, therefore creating less waste.

If the environment is something you’re particularly interested in, then you might have known about (or even taken part in) Earth Hour – a global initiative where the world turns off its lights to raise awareness about the issues surrounding energy consumption in each specific location.

First organised by the WWF back in 2007, Earth Hour has become a significant event around the world since, and this weekend, 10.4 million Brits showed their concern about climate change by switching their lights off, according to the Mirror.

The Mirror has also captured some spectacular photographs of famous landmarks and locations in the UK and around the world with their lights off for Earth Hour. Take a look at the gallery here.

In fact, some 178 countries took part this year – a record for the initiative.

While the action is meant to be more symbolic than a way to actually save energy and the environment, consumption in past years has been down four per cent globally.

The UK revelled in the challenge, creating special events for people to do in the dark and special candlelit dinners in restaurants. However, The Independent warned that only candles made from 100 per cent beeswax or soya should be lit. Those with petroleum would cause as much emissions as leaving a normal light on – so an LED light would be far, far lower!