Micro LEDs Used To Improve Cochlear Implants!

LED technology really is amazing, isn’t it? Not only can businesses use wholesale LED panels to their advantage by cutting back on their energy usage and crop growers can use them to support crop growth out of season, but it seems they can also be used in healthcare provision as well.

Researchers are now looking into optogenetics and how micro-LED lights can be used to improve cochlear implants. Currently, these work by stimulating nerves inside the cochlea by using an electrode – but the resulting sounds are muffled and distorted, because such implants can only allow around a dozen different sound frequencies to be distinguished, New Scientist reports.

According to Tobias Moser of the University Medical Center Gottingen in Germany, however, light isn’t able to spread through tissue which means it can be focused more conveniently. He and his team now intend to develop an optical implant that has 100 channels and uses micro LEDs as a light source, an approach that has already been proven to work with mice.

However, Mr Moser says they are still a few years away from testing this particular technique on people because it’s necessary to find a way to make the LEDs last longer.

“First we have to demonstrate they are safe and reliable,” he went on to say, but added that interest is already being seen from musicians, music fans and others who need to communicate in noisy environments.

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