Niagara Falls Shows Off LED Lighting Makeover!

When Niagara Falls was first lit up way back when in 1860, just 200 lights were involved. Now, thanks to the wonder that is LED lighting, it’s been given a bit of a makeover (to the tune of $3 million), with the LEDs helping to make the beautiful colours of the falls up to 14 times brighter than before.

Speaking to CBS News, chairman of the Niagara Falls Illumination Board Mark Thomas explained that all the dark spots have now been eliminated and the entire rim and curtain of the falls can now be seen. More colours are also due to be added, with Mr Thomas describing the project as a “new era” in the history of the falls.

After being illuminated for the first time in 1860 to mark the Prince of Wales’ visit to Canada, the light show became a huge tourist attraction and a nightly spectacle come the year 1925. Nowadays, an impressive 20 million people or so visit the waterfalls each year.

We all know the eco-friendly benefits of LED light installations and this is certainly no exception for Niagara Falls. Apparently, the Illumination Board is now taking advantage of up to 85 per cent energy savings having made the switch to LEDs.

It seems that many out there are starting to appreciate just how valuable LED lighting can be. Recent research from Zion found that the global market will rise by 13 per cent between 2015 and 2020. Europe is leading the way, accounting for over 30 per cent of total demand in 2014, which is sure to help drive growth on the continent.

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