Offices Urged To Shop Around To Reduce Energy Bills

Companies could save a significant amount of money if they shop around energy suppliers to keep their LED lighting panels turned on. Energy recently revealed 13.2 million homeowners in the UK will have to reduce their energy use this winter, with 78 per cent of those surveyed confessing they are planning to take measures to cut their bills.

Despite this, 53 per cent have not changed their energy supplier in over three years, with the fuel company reporting that £291 could be saved by energy customers on their utility bills if they do.

Tom Lewis, energy spokesman for, said winter is a good time to look at switching, as fuel bills are at their peak.

“There are some very competitive energy deals currently on the market, and simply watching suppliers could make a big difference for people this winter,” Mr Lewis went on to say.

Companies and homeowners should switch their suppliers as soon as possible, as 12 fixed dual fuel tariffs are set to expire this Saturday (October 31st).

Once the plans come to an end, users are rolled on to the supplier’s variable rate, which will see their bills increase by an average of £147.95 for each household, according to