Plan Your 2019 Office Refurbishment Now

Now that the 2018 Christmas countdown is on, it will only be a matter of weeks before 2019 is upon us. Can you believe it? Well, whether you can or you can’t, now is the perfect time to start making plans for your new year office renovation, if you are considering one. Whether you are considering a major renovation or a simple office fit-out, take time to plan things effectively, so that every detail is considered.

Step 1: Choose a suitable project manager

This is an important job and requires due care and attention. You will need an organised, strong and calm project manager who will see you through your office refurbishment, come rain or shine. You will need to choose someone who is confident with numbers and will act well in the event of a crisis. Do you know someone suitable? 

Step 2: Consider your options 

Think about what you want from your office renovation? What works in your workplace and what doesn’t? What are your limitations? What’s the long-term strategy? By listing your key goals and priorities, it will help when briefing an office fit out company.

Step 3: Lighting decisions

Lighting is a very important consideration when planning an office fit out. Whether you opt for LED panels, spotlights or freestanding lighting, make sure that you will have enough artificial light to create a safe and pleasant place to work. Also, make sure that there is as much natural light as you can possibly allow. 

Step 4: Design and development

Work with your newly appointed fit out the company for your workspace to take shape. Consider everything from colour schemes and materials to collaboration space, workflows and departmental relationships. When initial plans or designs come back, consider them carefully with a range of stakeholders and feedback in detail. Face to face meetings are always helpful when feeding back on plans initially.

Step 5. Minimise disruption of productivity

If you’re refurbishing your current offices, whilst people are still working in them, then keep a watchful eye on productivity. Work closely with your fit out partner to plan the refurbishment for minimal disruption and keep the whole office informed of progress to keep everyone on board.

Step 6: Be proactive

After all the planning, you might be tempted to take a back seat during the fit out and let the experts get on with it. But don’t. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask your fit out partner questions and make suggestions if things aren’t looking as you expected.

Step 7: Refurbishment review

Once staff have settled in their new environment, and normality has returned, there’s bound to be the odd issue or teething problem. Get the project team together and conduct a full office review with everyone to make it inclusive. It’ll be easy to iron out minor creases if you catch them early and employees will respect that you value their feedback.