Professionals Fix ‘Bodged Jobs’ Of Over Half DIY Projects

Whether your office or home needs some maintenance or renovation work done, it is worth calling in the experts, as more than half of DIY-ers have to get professionals in to fix their mistakes.

According to a survey by Aviva, 54 per cent of people have needed trained tradesmen to help them amend their bodged jobs, including bursting pipes, putting a hole through the wall, or incorrectly installing LED lighting panels.

Adam Beckett, propositions director for Aviva, said most people have a ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to decorating. However, he conceded “some jobs are trickier than they look and can actually end up costing more if mistakes need to be put right”.

Mr Beckett advised people to carefully consider hiring experts to do complicated jobs, such as plumbing and electrical ones as these can be “extremely dangerous if things go wrong”.

According to the insurance provider’s survey, 39 per cent of the 1,000 home-movers asked said they had experienced a DIY disaster while renovating their new home.

This is despite 90 per cent saying they have attempted to do some redecoration projects themselves to save money, as homeowners spend an average of £10,000 doing up their properties within the first year of moving in.

Ocean Finance advises those buying a home or office not to cut corners and <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>have a survey done. This will reveal any major problems with the structure of the property that might be hidden, such as out-dated wiring, a sagging roof and rising damp.

While getting a survey will add to your financial outlay, it could help you avoid spending a lot more further down the line to get repairs done.