Scottish Councils Commit To LED Lighting Initiative

It looks as though councils in Scotland will be making heavy investments in LED panel surface mounting kits and other LED accessories, with almost one-third of all street lamps in the country set to be LEDs by April next year.

Figures from the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) show that of the 900,000 street lights currently in operation in Scotland, some 125,000 of these are now LEDs. By April 2017, this is expected to double to 250,000, by which time more than 65,000 tonnes of CO2 will have been saved.

Some councils are already reaping the benefits of the scheme, with South Lanarkshire Council reporting that it is saving £550,000 each year because of LED street lighting. By 2021, total investment in LEDs by Scottish councils is expected to reach £337 million, delivering energy and maintenance cost savings of £1.2 billion in the next 20 years.

Associate director of the SFT Lindsay McGregor said: “With support from Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland, £82m has already invested over the last three years and all Scotland’s councils are at various stages of installing energy efficient lights. Our job is to help those who are in the very early stages to prepare robust business cases and secure funding for new LEDs to then reap the financial and environmental rewards once installed.”

Other councils taking similar action include Essex County Council, which is looking to invest £300 million on road networks and LED street lighting over the next three years. To find out more about the benefits of LED panel lighting, get in touch with us here at LED Panel Store today.