Solihull Swaps 5,000 Street Lights For LED Lamps

Solihull Council has invested a lot of money into LED lights recently, as it is in the process of swapping 5,300 streetlights with new bulbs.

The local authority recently announced its Street Lighting Replacement Programme, which will see thousands of the old 150W and 250W lamps replaced with energy-efficient LED lights.

Each bulb could save the council between £30 and £100 each year, and the council expects the programme will reduce expenditure by £275,000 every 12 months, as well as cut emissions by 1,500 tonnes of carbon.

Councillor Ted Richards, cabinet member for transport and highways, said: “Some of our street lighting is nearly 50 years old, so this is a really positive change for the borough.”

He added that by switching to more energy-efficient bulbs, the council does not have to turn the lights off entirely and is instead opting for a cheaper and greener alternative.

“This replacement programme will go some way in ensuring that by 2022, the borough’s energy usage and carbon emissions will have been minimised as far as practically possible,” Mr Richards commented.

A review conducted in 2012 of the area’s street lighting found 27 per cent of the local authority’s carbon usage came from its lamps, so by cutting down on its energy consumption with LED lights, it will dramatically reduce its carbon footprint..

The replacement of streetlights on Bradford Road, Chester Road, Collector Road, Kenilworth Road, Stratford Road and Warwick Road comes after 6,000 lamps in the borough have been replaced with LEDs since 2014.

Lancashire’s Bury will also undergo a similar update, with 11,000 of its streetlights being replaced with energy-efficient LED lamps, according to the Bury Times.

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