South Ayrshire To Replace Street Lights With LEDs

LED panel light distributors in South Ayrshire look set to be pretty busy over the coming weeks and months, with council bosses in the region announcing that they plan to replace all street lighting with LEDs in the future.

According to the Daily Record, the move will see 70 per cent energy savings made, with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance now working to install the LEDs as soon as possible. Thus far, some 1,260 orange lamps have been replaced – but there are 22,365 to work through so it may take some time to complete the job.

“Any new lighting installations, either in new developments or in the replacement of existing installations, will have LED light sources. Should the funding be made available by the council, it is intended to continue the conversion of many existing installations to LED light sources,” Stewart Turner, head of Ayrshire Roads Alliance, told the news source.

Other councils have made similar efforts in the past, such as Bracknell Forest Council which, according to the BBC, recently revealed that it will be updating all its street lights to help save £8 million over the next 25 years.

It’s thought that the local authority will spend over £7.3 million on the project to help make savings on electricity and maintenance in the long run. There are 14,500 lights to update so again, it may take some time for the project to be completed. If you’d like to find out more about how you could benefit from LED panel installation, call us here at LED Panel Store today.