Stockton Could See Historic Bridge Lit Up With Colourful LED Lamps

Teeside motorists who regularly travel over Newport Bridge in Stockton may soon see the historic site lit up in a display of colours if plans for LED panels to be installed are given the go ahead.

Stockton Council’s planning committee is currently discussing the proposal to install the lights, which could save the local authority £8,000 a year in energy bills, the Gazette Live reported.

The current system costs £9,819 annually to run, which means the new LED lights will cost just £1,877, providing the council with a huge saving.

The plan is for the lights to contain a mix of red, green, blue and white LED chips. As these can mix colours, the Grade-II listed bridge will be able to shine in pastel shades, as well as these brighter tones.

Commuters also do not have to worry about their daily journey being too disrupted, as a spokesperson from Stockton Council told the news provider that the bridge will stay open while the lights are fitted.

However, there will be temporary lane closures in place, which are likely to result in delays for drivers.

This comes after commuters were severely interrupted travelling to and from work after the bridge was painted silver and red last year in honour of its 80th anniversary.

If the proposal is granted planning permission, this will not be the only area in Stockton with LED lamps. Indeed, a £14 million investment has been given to replace 28,000 lanterns and 8,500 street lighting columns over 25 years old with new LED lights.

It predicts this will save the local authority £1.8 million per year in energy costs.