Virtual LED Skylights for your commercial interior

Over time, it has been thoroughly researched and discovered that incorporating the appropriate use of nature and daylight scenes in an interior can benefit mood, reduce stress, and increase feelings of happiness and contentment.

Unfortunately, some offices, homes, educational buildings or medical facilities do not have natural access to such views, therefore Virtual skylight panels have been developed to give everyone the option of a realistic and beautiful view, no matter where they are based.

If you are considering purchasing virtual skylights, then here are some benefits that might help to confirm your decision:

Stress relief & prevention

Spending time outdoors and having a connection with nature has long been prescribed as a cure for stress, anxiety, and depression, and although nothing beats the real thing, the installation of virtual sky scenes in a property can help to maintain levels of well-being, even when a person is spending time indoors.

Whether at home or in the office, increased motivation and energy can benefit everyone, resulting in increased productivity and fulfillment.

Virtual sky scene panels are becoming extremely popular in private hospitals, dentists, and health care facilities as they are seen to reduces stress, improve health outcomes, support pain management and promote a sense of overall well-being among patients, visitors and staff.

Realistic & appealing

There is nothing worse than something that tries to mimic the real thing but fails in terms of genuine looks and appeal. You do not have to worry about this with virtual scene LED panels, and this is about as realistic as you will ever encounter. The colour temperature of the light matches daylight exactly, which will make it feel as if you are actually looking out of a real window.

Family members, guests, and employees alike will experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside your space, and be wowed by the sheer genuine allure and charm of the panels.

Looking up at a deep, blue sky with puffy clouds simply creates a sense of well-being, and provides a sense of escape, especially when the weather is grey and miserable outside.

Versatile & easy to install

Bedrooms, kitchens, offices, kid’s rooms and lounges – all ideal places to install sky scene LED panels, giving instant transformation and beautiful effects.

When it comes to installation, our LED panels are made for 600×600 suspended ceiling installation and provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution, which is extremely easy to install. In fact, the entire set of 9 panels can be installed in a matter of hours and will work immediately.

Even if you don’t have a suspended ceiling you can still enjoy the effect of our panels by using either a cable suspension kit for ceiling mounting, a Z bracket for wall mounting, or a surface mounting kit for mounting on concrete or plasterboard.

Dimmer switches can also be installed so that the lights can be toned down as the evening approaches.