What Are The Benefits Of Working In An Office With LED Lighting?

Anyone designing an office space should carefully consider the lighting scheme as badly thought out light can lead to eyestrain, drowsiness, and even boredom – all impacting on overall team productivity.  By taking the time to contemplate the overall lighting effect of the office, identifying darker corners that might need extra attention or areas where light plays an important part of what will be happening in the space, for example, meetings, brainstorms or reading; employers will have a much happier and productive time in the office.

LED light panels are a popular and effective office lighting choice, especially for lighting large spaces. They are also long-lasting, energy efficient and very durable solution too. 

Here are some examples of how LED lighting can help to improve the mood in your office: 

1.) Productivity 

Working in a bright office has been repeatedly proven to positively impact a workforces’ happiness, well-being and overall productivity. Bright lighting is proven to keep employees much happier, especially in the colder, darker months.   Similar to when we start feeling more cheerful as the first signs of spring and summer start to show, the same effects are felt when we have a well-lit workspace.  Contented staff work at a better pace and take more care over their work, which will impact the overall productivity of the company. 

2.) Wellbeing 

A well-lit workplace reduces tiredness in the office, reducing eyestrain and the need for walks or coffee breaks to stay alert and refreshed. Use LED office lighting to keep the team’s productivity levels maximised, whilst also minimising boredom or wandering minds – but it might mean extra nudges for the tea or coffee rounds! Badly lit offices result in more headaches and eyestrain, meaning more days off sick.  Use LED panels to bathe your office in bright light which is crucial for maintaining our overall health and well-being. 

3.) Sustainability

You’ll be saving the planet if you choose to light your workspace with LED lighting, as LED lighting panels will help reduce your carbon footprint across your business.  They are much more efficient than standard lighting options, consuming 85% less power than incandescent bulbs and therefore emitting less heat, which not only saves the planet but also saves you money!  Lasting 25 times longer than halogen lights and giving off no harmful UV or IR emissions, LED lighting panels are the only truly environmentally friendly lighting option on the market.

4.) Ease

If you choose LED office lighting to create a bright office environment you’ll save time ringing the maintenance department or finding replacements as unlike other lighting solutions, LED office panels rarely need maintenance or replacing.  In addition, all of our LED panels come with a fantastic five-year, free warranty as standard, saving your business time and money if unlikely problems to occur.