What is a surface mount LED?

In general, there are two types of installation options for LED panels: Recessed or surface mounted. Both installation types are effective and aesthetically pleasing, however, each has their own benefits depending on where the LED panels will be installed into.

From the exterior appearance, a recessed panel is thinner (approx. 1cm), whilst the surface mounted LED panel is thicker (approx. 3cm) with a concaved centre, which can be screwed on the edge of the shelf to held the stick into the ceiling.

Surface mounting is perfect to mount LED panels into a location that does not have a suspended ceiling grid, for example a plasterboard ceiling. Surface mounted LEDs are often found in schools, offices, and hospitals, as this is a preferable method of installation, as recessed mounting is not always possible in these locations.

A surface mounting kit can be bought at the same time as the LED panels, which helps to install them in place. The kit screws into the ceiling and then the panel is slid into place and firmed into place with a set of screws to complete the installation process.

Surface mounted LEDs can be purchased in many shapes and sizes, and have an excellent, long lasting life for cost-effective commercial use.