Which LED panel light should I choose?

LED panel lights are rapidly gaining popularity with businesses, retail outlets, and warehouses due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and innovative design features. As time progresses, there is now an increasing number of LED lighting options available, giving you a variety of types to select from. Here we look at a number of options available, enabling you to find the perfect LED light to suit all your requirements.


LED panel lights can take the form of varying shapes, such as square, rectangular, or circular. The shape you select is a very personal choice and is generally chosen by taste and preference. Consider other elements of your interior style, and the size and shape of your room before deciding on which shape of LED to choose, and also imagine how the shapes will look in your space, as well as how many you will need.


Once you have decided on a shape, you need to think about what LED panel size will work best for your desired space?  300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 300mmx1200mm、600mmx600mm, and 600mm x 1200mm are the most popular LED panel sizes, but again, this is very dependent on the size and shape of the space you want to light, and on your aesthetic preference too. Would you prefer many smaller panels or fewer larger panels? The choice is really all yours.


CCT stands for colour temperature and is a measure of the colour of a light source, relative to a black body. Incandescent lights have a low color temperature (approx. 2800K) and have a red-yellowish tone, whilst LED lamps tend to have a color temperature between 3000K – 6000K. If you are looking for a warmer white, then opt for a 3000K tone, for a neutral white effect, opt for 4000K, and if you are looking for a pure, bright white, then choose 6000K.


When it comes to the installation of your LED panels, there are again a few varying options. You can choose from surface mounted, recessed or suspended options, again with their individual benefits. Surface panel lights, are often referred to as surface mounts and are the type of panels you need if you do not have a suspended ceiling, and if recessing isn’t possible either. Convenient to install, surface-mounted LED panel lights come with all the fittings and brackets you’ll require to affix them to any flat surface, whether it be a ceiling or a wall. Recessed Panel Lights are suspended from the ceiling, and provide a very wide beam angle, which gives an excellent spread of light.

If you are purchasing them as ceiling light replacements, they’ll retrofit into the space vacated by your old modular fluorescent lights, however, they’ll be equally at home affixed to any flat surface with a mounting kit.

Whichever LED panel light type you choose, you are sure to receive a quality light source that is long-lasting, energy-efficient and light-effective.